As you may have already predicted based on my other responses kissing is, not exactly my favorite activity…

Cheek kisses in a platonic context are acceptable only for a very limited subset of people.  Currently, there are only two people on that list, and one of them is dead (or at least faking it successfully).

Any other kisses are only permitted in a romantic relationship (which ain’t happening), and even then, I’m typically not a fan.  Shallow mouth kissing might be okay, but deep kissing felt like I was having my face eaten and forced my jaw open wider than was comfortable. I didn’t understand the point of tongues.  I got nothing out of it other than a weird, somewhat unpleasant sensation. Being kissed pretty much everywhere else ranged from “enh” to “meh”.

Except for the side of the neck.  Getting kissed on the side of the neck was one of the most directly arousing things that was ever done to me. 

As for doing the kissing, I think I tried kissing pretty much everywhere that wouldn’t be covered by a thong, and there wasn’t really anywhere in particular that I found interesting.  I guess the nipples and ears should be given points for variety, if that matters.

Two things in particular stand out in my memory:  First, that there was some sort of unexpected air pressure difference during a kiss, and second, that there’s some sort of unpleasantly chemically minty skin crème out there that should not be applied immediately before someone is going to be kissing the application site.