As far as specific touches go, in a context where I’m okay with being touched (which is pretty much never, so if you ever meet me, do not do any of these things and do not even ask):

  • Absolutely no ticking and no poking.  Just no stop no no no.
  • Face is generally a no.  Especially if I have a toothache.  Why do you insist on touching my face when you know I have a toothache?
  • Hair is fine.
  • Back is okay.
  • Front needs preparation, but it can be good, especially lower stomach area.
  • Side needs even more preparation.  Side out of nowhere is a definite no.
  • Arms typically okay.
  • Armpits are a no.
  • Legs are okay, but stay away from my kneecaps.
  • Feet are a hell no.
  • Butt is a why?  If you have to, full hand grab, don’t pinch.  But again, why?
  • Nipples are generally up for anything.
  • The penis is actually kinda dull…  The first time someone put their hand down my pants, I remember a distinctly lifeless sensation.  It didn’t feel at all like what I was used to.  It takes some work to make that worthwhile, and unless it’s done right, that can be more annoying than pleasant.
  • Testicles and surrounding area can be good with gentle touch.  Something that really worked was some kind of tapping just behind them, but I’ve never been able to figure out exactly what was done or how to replicate it.

I’m basically that diagram of petting zones of a cat where it’s “no no no no no” everywhere.

And as far as touching someone else:

  • Pretty much everywhere is a “why”?  Maybe with clear guidance and feedback, I can figure it out, but don’t expect me to get there on my own.