The Asexual Activities Annex takes your submissions!

At this time, we are looking for the following content:

  1. Personal experiences around solo activities.
  2. Personal experiences around partnered activities.
  3. Sex toy reviews.

Additionally, this form can be used to upload photos for the informational pages, if a call for specific photos has been posted.

General submission guidelines:

  • You must be over 18.
  • If you submit photos, all people pictured in the images must be over 18 and must freely consent to their use on this site.
  • All content must be your own.
  • All content must be respectful.
  • This site is for asexual, demisexual, gray-asexual, and related identities ONLY. If you’re not ace, grace, or demi, and you’re not posting about ace, grace, or demi people, this is not the place for you.
  • The word you’ll need for later is “bubbles”, without the quotes.
  • Be open, be truthful, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. You don’t have to censor yourself here.
  • Do not include personally identifiable information.
  • No wankfodder.  You can certainly be explicit (In fact, you’re encouraged to be as open and direct as you want), but avoid being deliberately pornographic for prurience sake.   You can talk about porn, but don’t be porn.  This isn’t Letters to Penthouse or the Lemon tag of AO3.
  • Photos should be clear, well lit, and illustrate the subject. Close-ups and plain backgrounds should be used wherever possible.
  • Actual nudity is permitted in photographs when necessary. Hands/fingers should only be in the photograph when needed to hold something or demonstrate something.
  • For classification purposes, please use the “Identity Info” field to provide some relevant identity details, such as gender, relationship status, AGAB, or whatever else you think might be important. This will help other people find experiences like their own. If you want all of your posts to be anonymously linked together, please provide a random, globally unique string (like a five word random passphrase or a GUID or something) and submit that same text with every post.

Personal Experiences:

For the personal experiences section, you are encouraged to talk about anything that relates to your personal experiences/thoughts/feelings involving partnered or solo sexual activities. Tell a story about what sex felt like, explain why you masturbate, describe why you’re not a fan of anything involving genitals, talk about what you get out of kink, detail how years of sleeping around made you realize you’re asexual, give a first person account of an adventure to a sex toy shop, and so on. If it’s a topic that’s related to the general theme of the site, it’s fair game.

Personal experiences should be longer than a paragraph and shorter than a novel. They should be long enough for someone to understand and relate. You may submit as many different experiences on different areas as you like. Personal experiences should not include any images, unless they are absolutely required.

Sex Toy Reviews:

For a sex toy review, please follow the format used by other existing reviews. Each section of the review has an increased “squickiness” factor, so sticking to this format allows people to nope out if their comfort level is exceeded, yet still get useful information from the review.

The overview section should provide the name of the toy, the anatomy it is designed for, other anatomy it can potentially be used with, the type of toy it is, the price tag, the anatomical features the toy has (if any), other quick notes (if any), and a short summary of the toy. This overview is useful for people to quickly see at a glance whether the toy is interesting to them.

The details section should contain an objective overview of the toy itself. Its size, construction, material, noise level, how it can be used, descriptions of the design, including any anatomical features. Include any warnings about the toy use that may be relevant. Also note if the packaging has content that some people may find objectionable. The details section is a just-the-facts, cold and clinical look at the toy, without any personal opinion.

The personal take section is where your personal review of the toy belongs. Go into as much detail as you want around your experience with the toy. What you liked, what you disliked, how well it worked, anything that wasn’t effective, how you personally use it, how you physically responded, etc. Be open and honest here.

The bottom line is a quick summary of the pros and cons of the toy.

The pictures section is where images of the toy go. At least one image of the toy alone is required, so people can know what the toy looks like. A size comparison image is recommended, with the toy shown with an common item of known size, like a quarter, a standard size soda can, or a ruler (preferably both inches and centimeters). Images or video of the toy in use are permitted, but are optional. All images should be well lit and clear, have a plain background, and should be zoomed/cropped to the subject area. All people who are visible in the photo must be over 18 and have consented to their use on this site.

Image Submissions:

If you are submitting images for another page, fill out the form below. Set the title to “Image Submission” and mention what the images are for in the main body text. All people who are visible in the photo must be over 18 and have consented to their use on this site. All images should be well lit and clear, have a plain background, and should be zoomed/cropped to the subject area.

Submission Form:

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