Asexual Activities is a place to explore the sexual side of asexuality.

This is a place for aces, graces, and demis to explore that you might feel uncomfortable bringing up in other ace circles.  Masturbation.  Kink.  Sex toys.  Partnered sex as an ace.  Things sex ed didn’t teach you, but you’re curious about.  Sexual activities, non-sexual intimacies, and so on.  If it’s inappropriate somewhere else, it’s probably appropriate here.

This is an annex to the Asexual Activities blog.

This space is for aces, by aces, and about aces.  There are other places on the Internet that talk about these topics, but very few that explore them from an asexual perspective, in language that makes sense to aces.  If you’re not ace, you’re welcome to read what’s here, but this place is not about you and may not be valuable for you.

Leave your shame and embarrassment and judgement at the door.  No subject too weird, no topic too icky.  We’ll talk about anything that’s safe and respectful.

That means some of these topics might be outside of your comfort zone.  And that’s okay.  If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing, but maybe the next topic will be more your speed.  We have a “Don’t yuck my yum” policy around here.  That means that it’s uncool to slam someone else for liking something you don’t like.  If you don’t like it, that’s understandable and completely okay.  You might think some of these things are “weird”, but keep in mind that someone else probably thinks something you like to do is “weird”, too.

This site believes:

  • Being asexual does not require chastity. Sexual things do not disqualify you.
  • There is no sexual freedom without the freedom to say “no” to any or all of it.
  • Masturbation is not shameful, perverted, or a substitute for Real Sex™.
  • Asexual people can use sex toys.
  • Sexuality should not be a deep, dark secret.
  • There are many valid reasons for aces to engage in sexual activities, including “I wanted to” and “I liked it”.
  • Not everyone has to like sex.
  • Not everyone has to like masturbating.
  • Not everyone has to like orgasms.
  • There is no universal experience.
  • “You’ll know it when you feel it” is not a useful answer.

Some pages on this site may contain explicit imagery, including images of sex toys, nudity, and simulated and real sexual acts. Such content is presented in an informational context and is not pornographic in nature. This site believes that it would be hypocritical to claim to be working to fight sexual stigmas and taboos, while at the same time upholding some of the most common and pervasive ones by censoring sexual imagery. However, we also recognize that a large number of readers will not be comfortable with such content, especially if they are unable to prepare, so we treat it in the following way:

  1. Any page with potentially uncomfortable or explicit content will be marked with an “Explicit Content” indicator.
  2. All such content is hidden from view by default and will only be shown after a user takes an action to show it.
  3. Detailed content warnings will be present, indicating the types of content present.
  4. Each image/video will have a detailed text description indicating what is shown. This description can be used to decide whether or not you want to view the image.
  5. Each image/video will have a “Filtered” version available. This filtered version is a B&W line-art diagram style trace of the image. This trace will often be detailed enough to get the sense of what the image is meant to show, and will often be NSFW, but it will be less graphic than the uncensored image.

Below is an example of how images are handled. The image is a completely non-sexual image of a bird and is wholly safe for work.

This image is a photograph of a Steller’s Jay perched on an old log on the shore of a lake. There is no sexual content in this image and it is wholly safe for work.