I’ve never wanted children.  I’ve never felt the “Oh, they’re so cute, I need to get one”, I’ve never felt like I need to pass on my “legacy”, I’ve never needed a legion of biologically connected minions to do my bidding (that’s what robots are for).

When I was younger, I wasn’t particularly against the idea if it happened somehow in the right circumstances, but I certainly wasn’t planning to pursue it.  I remember thinking “I can be a father now” once, but that was a logical statement about a physical development, not an expression of desire or future plans.

The few times that I was sexually involved with someone, I was extremely careful.  That doesn’t go anywhere near there unless it’s covered.  No exceptions.    Once finished, out and away.  Condom went on at first sign of fluid during any full body contact.  Handjobs were aimed well clear of the area.  No babies on my watch.  Of course, most of that was because neither one of us was actually in a position where care of a child would have been possible, but at the same time, I was never dreaming for the day when all those precautions could be ignored.

I remember there were vague considerations about getting married someday, but I never remember thinking about kids being part of that.  If it happened, it happened, I wouldn’t have been calling for an adoption or an abortion or anything, but it’s not something I would have been seeking out.

In the time since then, I’ve come to feel that I actively do not want children.  I would not be good with them and I would not be good for them.  Emotional closeness is not something I do, and it seems like that would be a required part of the process.