Toy: Tenga Egg

Designed For: Penis

May Be Usable With: Clitoris

Type: Close-ended Sleeve

Price: ~$8 for 1, ~$30 for 6

Anatomical Features: None

Other Notes:  Some trans men report that this toy works well for them.  Other people report that this toy can be placed on the head of a wand vibrator.

tl;dr:  Good introductory toy, cheap price, good quality, easy to clean and versatile.

[Content Warning:  This post contains information about using a sex toy, including personal details of its use.  There are also images of the toy and how it is used, featuring a realistic penis toy.  These images are at the end of the post and there will be another warning before that point.]


The Tenga Egg is a stroker sleeve that’s designed for penises.  It’s about the size of a plastic easter egg (in fact, it comes in one that doubles as a storage case).  It’s made out of a soft, thin, stretchy material that does not have a scent.  The egg has a completely abstract, non-anatomical design.  The outside is smooth, while the inside has a texture of bumps and ridges.  Eggs come in a variety of textures, and the label usually has a design that indicates what the texture is like.  The size makes it a practical travel toy.

The intended use of a Tenga Egg is with a penis.  A few drops of lube are placed inside the egg (a packet of lube is provided with the purchase), and the egg is placed on the head of the penis.  Air is squeezed out to create suction.  Then the user strokes the penis, stretching the egg along the shaft.  The material will stretch to fit almost any size penis.  The egg can also be used in a twisting motion just on the head.  The thin, caseless design allows pressure from the hand to be felt on the penis.

Some trans men and people with large clitorises have successfully used the Tenga Egg.  They say that the size, squishiness, and immediate texture work for them.  However, some who have tried it have said that the sleeve is too wide to be useful.  The sleeve can also be turned inside out and used on the head of a wand style vibrator.  This adds a texture to the vibrator.  It also can dampen the vibration strength somewhat.  (The sleeve probably would not stay on a dildo, unless it is more firmly attached in some way.)

The eggs are sold as “single-use”, but it is possible to clean and reuse them, just be sure to dry them well.  The material is not super-strong, however, and it will start to stretch and deform.  It may eventually tear open, but depending on the type of tear, the toy may remain usable in some form.

This is probably not a good toy for anyone wishing to avoid direct genital contact or direct contact with fluids.  Using this toy will often result in your hand coming in direct contact with the penis, which will result in lubricant getting on your hand.  It will, however, do a good job of containing an ejaculation, as it has a closed end.  It is also difficult, if not impossible, to use this toy in a hands-free manner.

Personal Take:

I want to like the Tenga Egg more than I do.  I feel weird recommending a product that I’m not a huge fan of.  There’s nothing really wrong with a Tenga Egg, it’s just that I have better options.  Still, I wish that they were around when I started buying toys, because they would have been a far better entry-level option than the absolute junk I dealt with.  I definitely do not regret the purchase.

Stroking with the egg doesn’t do enough for me.  I think this is because the head just gets a slight stretching motion and downward pressure, while the main stimulation takes place down the shaft.  I tend to use it with a sort of twisting stroke motion, where I rotate the egg back and forth while stroking.  That gives the head more stimulation (sometimes too much, in fact) and works better for me.

I do like its softness and stretchiness.  I’ve used many toys that are too hard or too tight, and it feels like they don’t want to be used.  Maybe they’ll take too much pressure to enter, or the texture will be too stiff and grate on the shaft, and in some cases, the toys are so tight that they’ll squeeze themselves right off the end of the penis if I let go.  But with a Tenga Egg, I put myself in and stay in.  There’s little entry resistance.  And the textures provide stimulation, not irritation.  They seem softer than a Fleshlight, but a large part of that may just be the thinness of the material.  And it stretches to fit me without feeling like it’s cutting off circulation or about the squeeze itself off the end and go flying across the room.

One of my biggest issues with the egg is its size.  It’s considerably smaller than  my hand, so I can’t really get a good grip on it.  If I try the standard wrap-around grip, I inevitably end up with half my hand on the toy and half on bare skin, which ruins the sensation for me.  (I prefer all toy or all direct skin contact, mixing the two just feels strange.)  Then, on the upstroke, I almost take the toy completely off.  After that, since there’s lubricant involved, the half of the hand that was in contact with skin is now slippery itself, and starts to transfer to lubricant to the outside of the egg, making it entirely impossible to grip.  The twist-stroke method avoids this, as instead of using a wrap-around grip, I grip the toy from above with a back-handed grip that makes the twisting easier.  With this grip, my palm comes down along the head rather than sliding along the shaft, and my fingers stay firmly planted on the toy.

I have never had a Tenga Egg break, but I have probably never used the same egg more than a half dozen times.  I have had them start to stretch and deform, but this hasn’t affected their use.  When stretched all the way, the material becomes thin enough to be transparent, so I can definitely see how rough handling or too much use can wear it out.

Bottom Line:

Pros:  Cheap, stretchy, soft, easy to clean, lots of variety, non-anatomical design, doesn’t smell like chemical waste, comes with storage.

Cons: Can be messy, doesn’t stroke well, material does not seem super durable.

[Content warning:  There are pictures of the toy below this point, which include examples of its use on a realistic dildo.  There is no additional review text beyond this point, only captions.]


This image shows a size comparison between a Tenga Egg and a tennis ball. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image shows a Tenga Egg removed from its plastic Easter egg style container. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image shows a close-up of the entry hole of a Tenga Egg. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image shows an inside-out Tenga Egg so the internal texture is visible. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

Each Tenga Egg has an different texture, noted on the label. This one has a simple grid shaped texture.

This image shows a Tenga Egg next to a 5-inch purple penis-shaped dildo for scale. No actual nudity is shown.

This image shows a Tenga Egg placed on the head of a purple penis-shaped dildo to illustrate its use. No actual nudity is shown.

This image shows a Tenga Egg inverted and placed on the head of a wand style vibrator to illustrate its use. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

[Additional Content Warning: Videos beyond this point, including simulated use of the toy on a dildo.]

This video shows lube being placed inside a Tenga Egg and the egg being squeezed and rubbed to distributed the lube around the inside. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This video shows a Tenga Egg being placed on the head of a purple penis-shaped dildo. No actual nudity is shown.

The swirling at the start helps apply lube around the head so that it can be inserted into the toy easier.

This video shows a Tenga Egg being used in a stroking motion on a purple penis-shaped dildo. No actual nudity is shown.

You can see how thinly stretched the material becomes, yet it does not break.

This video shows a Tenga Egg being used in a twisting motion on a purple penis-shaped dildo. No actual nudity is shown.

This is an alternate way to use this toy which provides different stimulation than stroking alone.