Toy: Fleshlight Quickshot

Designed For: Penis

Type: Open-ended sleeve with hard case

Price: ~$35

Anatomical Features: None

tl;dr:  Pretty good toy.  The cheapest way to try the Fleshlight line, but not necessarily the best.

[Content Warning:  This post contains information about using a sex toy, including personal details of its use.  There are also images of the toy and how it is used, featuring a realistic penis toy.  These images are at the end of the post and there will be another warning before that point.]


The Fleshlight Quickshot is a stroker sleeve that’s designed for penises.  It is about four inches long and three inches in diameter.  The sleeve itself is a super soft and stretchy material that does not have a scent, but that is slightly tacky and will attract hair and dust if not stored properly.  The Quickshot has a completely abstract, non-anatomical design.  There are two types to choose from:  Black case with grey sleeve insert, or clear case with clear insert.  Each one has a slightly different interior texture.  The toy is reusable and the material is high quality and with proper cleaning and normal use, it should last a long time.

The sleeve is open on both ends (both ends are identical) and is housed in a hard plastic case.  The interior of the sleeve is lined with small bumps and flaps.  At rest, the sleeve has a 0.75 inch diameter, but it will easily stretch to beyond two inches when used.  The stretching is limited by the diameter of the hard plastic case, but the sleeve can be removed and used without the case.  The toy is intended to be used with the case, as the sleeve works with the case to provide a consistent squeezing sensation that the sleeve alone would not have.  There are caps that attach to both ends of the toy, which hide and protect the sleeve inside.  It is possible to use the toy with one of the caps still on, but more on that later.  If you’re familiar with the Fleshlight, imagine if they cut out a section of the handle of that toy and you’ll have a good idea of what the Quickshot is like.

The intended use of a Fleshlight Quickshot is with a penis.  Lube is a requirement. (Water based!  Other types of lubes may damage the toy.)  Lube is placed around the opening and inside the sleeve, or on the penis, depending on personal preference.  The erect penis is inserted into the sleeve and the toy is typically used in a stroking motion, sliding it up and down along the shaft.  It can also be twisted and rotated as it is used.  Many penises will be longer than the sleeve, and the head will come out the other side when it is used.  This means that the entire penis will not be stimulated at the same time, but also allows the user to focus on one area (for instance, if stimulating the head is unpleasant, the sleeve can be used on the shaft alone, once it’s on) or vary their stimulation.  It also allows the use of a different toy or different stimulation on the area that’s not covered.

Unfortunately, the short(-ish) length and open end makes it difficult to avoid contact with fluids.  The case largely (though not entirely) will prevent lube from getting on your hands, but it can be difficult to avoid contact with other fluids, as the open end will not contain ejaculation and the head of the penis may not even be inside the toy when it happens.  I mentioned earlier that the toy could be used with the end cap still on.  That would help in this situation, however, as I mention in the personal take below, that may make the toy harder to use.

The toy is very easy to clean.  The sleeve can be popped out of the case and run under any faucet.  Water can be run directly through the sleeve.  The sleeve insert can also be turned inside out to be cleaned and dried.  Make sure you let it air dry for a while to be sure it is completely dry before enclosing it back in the case.

The case says “Fleshlight Quickshot”, and the G is the Mars Symbol (♂).  While it doesn’t scream “I’m a sex toy” from a distance (at least with the caps on), it is not very discreet, so you would probably not be able to hide it in plain sight.  (The clear case one would be even more noticeable.)

From what I’ve seen, the packaging for this toy is matter-of-fact and not pornographic or crude.  If you buy from Fleshlight directly, the toy will probably not come in any additional packaging.  It should be noted that the Fleshlight website does contain softcore nudity and suggestive images, as well as explicit images of anatomically designed toys.  Many other stores sell the Quickshot, and some of them may be more friendly, if you’d rather not see that kind of thing.

It seems like it might be difficult to use this toy hands free.  Its open end would mean that it would be messy, and its small size might make it difficult to keep in place.

As far as other uses, it does not seem like this would be a good toy for small penises or clitorises, however, I have not heard anyone indicate that they’ve tried it.  I can potentially see it being used as a sort of bumper on a penetrative toy, to prevent it from going in too deep and to provide a soft squishy bit of padding.  If anyone has further information, please let me know.

Personal Take:

Overall, I like this toy.  It’s not as good as a full sized Fleshlight, but it does work fairly well, and it’s compact enough to take on vacation. 

The material is slightly different than the regular Fleshlight inserts.  It’s a bit more “rubbery” feeling.  I think they’re trying to make their sleeves less porous, which is a good thing.  I like the original material better, but this is still really good.  It’s soft and stretchy and strong, which are three key points for me when it comes to toys.

I usually use it in a full length stroking motion, very similar to how I’d use my hand.  It seems to take longer to reach orgasm and the journey there isn’t as good as a regular Fleshlight.  The short length means it’s not stimulating my whole penis at the same time, and in particular, the head and the frenulum area get left out.  However, the orgasms themselves seem slightly stronger, possibly because I’m able to change the angle and direct pressure partway down my penis, which is not something the full-length Fleshlight allows.  I’ve also noticed that it seems to squeeze around the coronal ridge on the upstroke (a good thing), which is something I typically only get from my hand because other toys don’t do it.  Although it can be twisted or rotated, I rarely do that.

I have tried placing it all the way down at the base of the shaft and leaving it there while I stimulate the head in a different way.  I didn’t really like it.  The two competing sensations felt awkward and disjointed.  I tried using both the clear and the black one at the same time, and it felt the same way.

I’ve noticed that it has a sort of cock ring effect, meaning that when it’s at the base of the shaft, it will make the erection firmer.  It’s far more comfortable than a typical ring.

I think this effect makes the orgasms a bit more, um, forgive the term, squirty, than with other toys.  I think it constricts and places more pressure on the urethra than other toys do, and it’s a more consistent pressure than my hand.  That does tend to make it feel better, but also makes it considerably more messy.

The mess can be a problem.  I don’t mind my own personal fluids, but I don’t always want to have to deal with them.  With closed-ended toys, it’s all contained within the toy, so I just take it off, take it to the sink, and it’s all done.  But because this toy is open ended, I have to deal with cleaning that up.  It would be possible to finish inside the sleeve and try to have it contained there, but that doesn’t feel as good and it’s still no guarantee that nothing won’t get out.

In the other section, I mentioned using it with the cap still on one end.  I’ve found it mostly unusable like that.  The sleeve doesn’t have anywhere to stretch to with the cap on, so it won’t expand enough for me to pass through.  I end up sort of getting stopped.  It’s a rather jarring and unpleasant feeling.  It doesn’t feel like I’m hitting the plastic at the end, it just feels like the sleeve won’t let me go any further.    As a result, the insertion depth is too shallow.  It can stimulate the head, but it doesn’t feel like it does enough there.

I’ve tried using the clear one, but I don’t particularly get anything special out of it.  There isn’t that much to see.  It might be more exciting for other people or for anyone watching (This is partially marketed as a couples’ toy, too), but it doesn’t do anything for me.

One of the major downsides of the Quickshot is that because the head of the penis will stick out of the toy, the lube is susceptible to drying out and can cause the toy to get sticky.  A little bit of this is an interesting sensation, as the skin is gently pulled in different ways, but a lot of this is just painful.  With a normal Fleshlight, I rarely have to reapply lube, but with this one, I have to do it frequently.

I realize I’m constantly comparing it to a full Fleshlight, and that’s doing this toy a disservice.  This toy is far better than most of the stuff that’s out on the market.  I’d put it roughly at the same level as a Tenga 3D sleeve, which I really like and hardly ever compare to a Fleshlight.  It’s also a huge improvement over just using my hand.

I’ve found it’s a good shower toy.  The case means it can be left there and not get wet and it won’t slide or roll around when not in use.  The messiness mentioned above isn’t a factor when it all just washes away.  It’s lighter than a regular Fleshlight, so it’s more comfortable to hold and use while standing.  And when water based lube starts to get sticky, it can be reactivated with a few drops of water, and in the shower, water’s readily available.

Bottom Line:

Pros: Stretchy, soft, strong material, great for stroking, easy to clean, non-anatomical design, has storage case.

Cons: Not discreet, not very small, can get messy, lube tends to dry out.

[Content warning:  There are pictures of the toy below this point, which include examples of its use on a realistic dildo.  There is no additional review text beyond this point, only captions.]


This image is a photo of the QuickShot in its case, with a 12oz soda can for comparison. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image is a photo of multiple QuickShots next to a ruler for a size reference. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image is a photo of the entry of a QuickShot. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image is a close-up of the interior of a QuickShot, showing its texture. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image is a photo of the QuickShot sleeve removed from its case. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This image is a photo of the QuickShot being placed on the shaft of a purple penis-shaped dildo, with the head exposed. No actual nudity is shown.

[Additional Content Warning: Videos beyond this point, including simulated use of the toy on a dildo.]

This video shows the interior sleeve of the QuickShot being stretched by hand. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This video shows lubricant being applied to the outer rim of the QuickShot. No nudity or anatomical toys are shown.

This video shows the QuickShot being used in a stroking motion on a purple penis-shaped dildo. No actual nudity is shown.