This is a brief rundown of some of the other types of toys that are out there.

Handheld Shower Head:  A handheld shower head with various massage options can be used to masturbate.  The spray can be directed against the vulva or clitoris.  They can also be used on the penis and testicles, but they are often less effective.  Handheld shower heads are a popular masturbation device because they are completely discreet and will immediately wash away any fluids produced.  (If you don’t have a handheld shower attachment, the water from a bathtub faucet can be used in much the same way, although in a much more limited position.) And even if you don’t use them to masturbate, they’re a useful upgrade to your shower, because you’ll no longer have to twist and contort to get the shower spray to rinse off that impossible spot on the back side of your knee.

Pillows:  A bunched up pillow can be grinded against for clitoral stimulation.  If you have a penis, a condom or plastic bag with a little bit of lube can be placed between pillows and thrusted into.  Place a towel over the pillow before use for easier cleanup.  Pillows are also a completely discreet option. (As long as you avoid wet spots…)

Cock Rings:  Cock rings are placed on the penis or around the testicles to aid with an erection and alter the sensations.  Some have vibrators attached.  Many times they come in packs of multiple sizes, so you can use the size that works best.  You want something that is roughly the diameter of the erect penis.  Too big and it will come right off, too small and it can start to hurt and you’ll end up with one of those four hour erections that you’re supposed to call a doctor about. Sometimes, the rings can be large enough to fit around both the penis and the testicles. Be careful with rings or you might end up with a trip to the ER having a metal ring buzzsawed off a part of your body that should never be near a buzzsaw.

Pumps:  Suction devices meant to draw blood into various areas to make it swell up and become larger or more sensitive.

Dolls:  Generally human-ish replicas used for intercourse simulation or carpool lane fraud.  Can be inflatable (like a beach ball), plush (like a stuffed toy), or metal and rubber (like a robot who’ll kill us all).

Partial Anatomy Replicas:  More than a sleeve/dildo, but less than a doll, these replicate parts of human anatomy.  Usually it’s just a section of the pelvis, with a labia and a vaginal hole, but others exist with a penis and testicles.  Butt (usually with an anal hole) and breast replicas also exist, as do full torso models.

Sex Machines:  These take many (large, noisy) forms, from a vibrating saddle with a dildo on the seat, to a reciprocating actuator with a dildo or sleeve on the end, to an alternating suction device.  On the smaller end, there are also some automatic strokers that might fit in this category.

Balls and Beads:  Sometimes sold for vaginal exercise (strengthen those Kegel muscles!), these are roughly ping-pong sized balls.  If they have a string, they can potentially be used anally (although put a condom on them if you do that, because strings are not easy to clean)  Beads are smaller variants on the balls, and are typically specifically for anal use.