In the common language of asexuality, the word “compromise” is almost always used negatively, and almost always used to mean the complete capitulation of the ace partner to the desires of the non-ace partner.  Furthermore, as we all know, an ace person can never actually be willing to take part in in sexual activities, so doing anything along those lines is considered a horrible compromise.

That, of course, is utterly ridiculous.

All (ethical) sex, including sex between non-aces, is the product of negotiations and compromises.  That’s why things like “Want/Will/Won’t” lists exist:  They’re not designed for asexual people, they were designed for non-aces to communicate their desires and undesireables.  And even if everyone in a relationship has perfectly matching Yes and No lists, there’s still going to be a negotiation around timing and frequency and which piece of furniture.  So we shouldn’t see compromise as a universally bad thing, we should see one-sided and unfair compromises as a bad thing. 

On top of that, some aces actually do want to do sexual things.  So labeling all sexual activities that involve an asexual as some kind of negative compromise on their part isn’t accurate.

Sometimes compromises are trades (”I’ll have sex with you, but you have to let me win the next 20 games of Splatoon”), sometimes they’re finding a middle ground (”I don’t want penetration, but there are other ways we can get each other off a half dozen times tonight.”), and sometimes they’re getting a discount (”I don’t want sex, but I’ll give you a quick handjob and then go back to reading my book.”).  But it should never be “I’ll give you the exact type of sex you want all the time with no say in the matter and nothing in return”.  Things that are in your “No” column should never be part of the deal, even if you have 60 things in your No column and nothing in your Yes.