Asexual Activities is a place for asexual people to explore their sexuality.  

There is a myth that all asexual people are completely sexless, that we wholly reject sexual things.  While that is the case for quite a few ace people, there are many aces who do participate in sexual activities or who enjoy sexual things, whether alone or with partners.

Asexuality is about attraction, not action.  What you do does not determine how you feel.




Asexual people get double stigmatized for expressing sexuality in any way.  First is the wider societal taboo around sexuality, which paints most expressions as somehow “dirty” or “wrong”, particularly when they fall outside of the narrow confines of a specific flavor of approved sexual practices.  And all sexuality is hidden, suppressed, silenced.  The second stigma is that belief that asexual people are supposed to be sexless, that if an asexual person does anything remotely sexual, that they’re disqualified from aceness and have to turn in their membership card.

We believe this is immensely harmful, and this site is dedicated to fighting those stigmas.

This site aims to provide information about sexuality from an ace perspective, for ace people.  It aims to destigmatize and normalize all forms of expressions of ace sexuality.

Within this site, you will find ace-friendly 101 sex ed info, personal experiences from an asexual perspective, and detailed how-to guides tailored to the ace experience.

Some pages on this site may contain detailed and explicit content (including images).  This site aims to provide content warnings ahead of any content that you may be averse to, so that you can read what you want and avoid what you don’t want to see.

Please visit the About page for more information.


Sex Ed 101

Some of the basics, including what they didn’t teach you in school.  This section covers sexual anatomy and sexual responses, and also includes some sexual health information.

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Solo Activities

This section covers the DIY side of sexuality, including masturbation and sex toys.

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Partnered Activities

This area talks about partnered activities.  There is information about partnered sex, kink, and some “Want / Will / Won’t” lists to help you work out your boundaries and comfort zone.

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